Manual Therapy

Manual Therapy techniques are skilled, specific, hands-on techniques used to diagnose and treat soft tissue injuries and joint structures, for the purpose of modulating pain, increasing range of movement, decreasing soft tissue inflammation, inducing relaxation, facilitating movement and improving function.


Mainipulation is a therapeutic intervention performed on spinal articulations or joints. It is a small amplitude, high velocity movement.


Spinal mobilisation is a gentle, passive movement applied to a spinal region to increase its range of motion. Mobilisations are also used for the peripheral joints.

Mobilisations are either physiological or accessory movements. Physiological movements are those that you could carry out yourself, such as lifting the arm up to reach a cupboard. Accessory movements are small oscillatory movements of joints that can't be done voluntarily. They are the tiny movements that take place within the joints in order to allow full range of movement, but we are largely unaware of them happening.

The difference between manipulation and mobilisation is that a mobilisation is done slowly enough for the patient to intervene to stop the movement. Manipulation is faster and doesn't allow time for the patient to stop the movement.

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