Exercise Therapy

Exercises are used widely in our treatments, both as part of the treatment, and as a way of teaching patients how to care for themselves and prevent further problems after physiotherapy has finished.

Range of movement exercises

Range of movement exercises are used to restore full range to an area that may have been injured, or after surgery.

Core exercises

Core exercises aim to activate the postural muscles of the body. These muscles are deep within the body and are difficult to feel. Their job is to stabilise joints. We are often unaware of them working. They work for very long periods of time at a very low level. Sometimes the problem with the core muscles is that they are not being activated correctly or at the right time, and sometimes it is because they are weak and don't have enough endurance.

Often we will teach you core exercises right from the first session of physiotherapy, and continue to progress them as we go through the sessions.

Strengthening exercises

Strengthening exercises are used to build strength within the powerful muscles of the body, such as the quadriceps and gluteals. These muscles work very strongly but for short periods of time. They are the muscles that help us to get up out of a chair, and to run.

Balance exercises

Balance exercises are often used to help restore balance ability following an injury, surgery or disuse. This type of exercise is done progressively to challenge the balance but maintain safety. Balance exercises can help to prevent falls in the elderly.

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