Traditional Chinese Acupuncture and Western Acupuncture both use the application of fine needles into the body to restore normal function. Within physiotherapy it is used primarily for the reduction of pain.

An assessment is made to ensure acupuncture is appropriate for the patient, and we ask the patient to sign a consent form because we are carrying out an invasive technique. Acupuncture is often used alongside other modalities in physiotherapy. The length of time the needles are left in situ varies but can be from 10 to 40 minutes, depending on the condition.

We only use single use, sterile needles. Occasionally red patches form around the needles. This is quite normal and is usually a sign that the treatment is being effective. Occasionally a small bruise may form where the needle was inserted; these usually resolve within a few days.

Manual therapy, exercise and acupuncture are now recommended in the NICE guidelines as an effective way to treat low back pain.

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